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CME Effectiveness

This was a small study comparing outcomes of diabetic patients whose clinician attended a CME event to outcomes of diabetic patients whose clinician did not attend the CME event.

DARTNet enrolled 5-10 clinicians who attended a CME program to  participate in an evaluation. The aim was to learn if participation in the course contributed to a clinician deciding to make any changes in diabetes care. Participants engaged in a brief interview within three weeks after the course to discuss their reactions and any planned changes. DARTNet researchers then pulled de-identified data from the medical records six months following the course to evaluate whether the clinicians made any changes as a result of their participation in the course.  

Dataset Description

Description Type of Patients Included N Data Elements
We have partnered with AAFP Continuing Medical Education to assess whether CME courses change clinician behavior.
  • 250.xx OR
  • meet screening criteria OR
  • had an A1c
  • Microalbumin/Creatinine Ratio
  • Creatinine
  • A1c
  • Lipid Panel
  • Prescribed Medications
  • Blood Pressure
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Diagnoses
  • Gender
  • Age