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Ways to Partner > Purchase Services or Data

Purchase Services or Data

The following services and products are available to both DI collaborators and qualified external researchers:

  • Purchase of queries of DI datasets
  • Purchase of de-identified DI datasets
  • Management of joint grant activities

In addition, the following services are available to DI collaborators only:

  • Contract for statistical machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI) services, research support services
    • Observational Medical Outcomes Project (OMOP) terminology (SNOMED, ICD-9, LOINC, CPT, First Data Bank and others)
    • OMOP laboratory shared code
    • Clinical instruments (e.g., Asthma Control Test or ACT)

Contact Us for Pricing

Please contact Daphne York for more information on these services and products at 1-866-290-0618 ext 5 or email her at daphne.York@dartnet.info.