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Ways to Partner > Purchase Services or Data

Purchase Services or Data

The following services and products are available to both DI collaborators and qualified external researchers:

  • Purchase of queries of DI datasets
  • Purchase of de-identified DI datasets
  • Management of joint grant activities

In addition, the following services are available to DI collaborators only:

  • Contract for access to Observational Medical Outcomes Project (OMOP) terminology (includes SNOMED, ICD-9, LOINC, CPT, First Data Bank and others)
  • OMOP laboratory shared code
  • Contract for access to clinical instruments (e.g., Asthma Control Test or ACT)

Contact Us for Pricing

Please contact Rachel Bryan Kent, Director of Client Services, for more information on these services and products at 1-800-434-0278 or email her at Rachel.Kent@dartnet.info.