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Practice Performance Registry

Because DI has the ability to pull clinical data from participating practices on a regular basis, we can present that data in a way that allows clinical organizations and practices to compare their performance on many measures to each other. The DI Practice Performance Registry compiles and processes EHR data in order to provide a graphical view of how organizations and practices are doing on specific measures and how they compare to other organizations/practices.

The DI Practice Performance Registry has been endorsed by a specialty society* as a Quality Improvement Registry. The DI Practice Performance Registry meets the Meaningful Use Stage 2 Specialized Registry option of the Public Health Objective, specifically: Successful ongoing submission of specific case information from a certified EHR technology to a specialized registry for the entire EHR reporting period. To attest for this, eligible professionals must successfully submit specific case information from your EHR to a specialized registry. For more information, see the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services website at www.cms.gov.

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The current practice performance registry includes 500+ primary care clinical sites, just over 4,000 clinicians, and over 6 million patient records.

Participants log into a secure portal where they can create and view Practice Performance Reports. The process is easy. The reports display three years of historical data and are updated regularly. The patient data is de-identified in the report view. Furthermore, both Organization-wide and Care Site-specific data is trended over time.

Currently, categories for reports include blood pressure control, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, and preventive services. We plan to add new reports, based on requests from participating organizations. See our plan for metric development (PDF).

To learn more about the Registry, complete our online form, email DIRegistry@DARTNet.info, or call Gabriela Gaona Villarreal, MPH, 1 (800) 434-0278 x21.

*The American Academy of Family Physicians endorsed the QI Registry, but the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have confirmed that they will recognize an eligible provider who is submitting data from a Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) to a registry, regardless of the specialty. Clients who do not specialize in Family Practice can still submit information to the Practice Performance Registry to meet the Specialized Registry option of the Public Health Objective for Stage 2 Meaningful Use.