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Provide Data

Healthcare organizations and individual clinician practices can link their clinical databases to the DI federated network. You would be joining the regional and national networks already sharing their data, and would have the opportunity to work with our partners.

As a data provider, you would have access to our

These tools and forums can help improve your practice and patient outcomes. You also will be on the cutting edge:

  • Engaging in rapid bench to real world practice dissemination and implementation
  • Providing valuable data for community health planning
  • Experiencing seamless integration of disparate multi-source data into actionable information to support and optimize decision-making
  • Engaging in bi-directional communication with other clinicians, researchers, patients and networks

Inquire Today

Learn more about how you can help keep this momentum building. Call Rachel Bryan Kent at 1-800-434-0278, ext. 5 or email rachel.kent@dartnet.info.