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Clinical Innovations

Most DARTNet Institute initiatives result in immediately available clinical tools.

One of our greatest innovations is the DARTNet Institute Practice Performance Registry, where members access benchmarked data that identify leaders in patient care. Leaders are committed to share best practices and innovative approaches to patient care solutions.

Study-specific Learning Communities are actively engaged in sharing ideas and innovations. Learning Communities of any type rely on practitioners sharing their experiences, practices, and outcomes. Through DI, these communities benefit from the DI data extraction and synthesis, in addition to learning through interpersonal communication.

Other Innovative Tools 

Low-Dose Aspirin for Primary Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

DARTNet Featured in Institute of Medicine Discussion Paper

The new Institute of Medicine Discussion Paper, Making the Case for Continuous Learning from Routinely Collected Data, released April 15, 2013, highlights the importance of DARTNet's work in brining knowledge generation closer to practice. This report was a product of the Roundtable on Values & Science-Driven Health Care's Clinical Effectiveness Research Collaborative. The paper highlights examples of the use of clinical data collected in the course of regular care for care improvement.


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