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In4MedCare™: DARTNet Population Management and Point of Care Decision Support

Clients using In4MedCare™ can view their patient population in dynamic dashboards for high level review and outreach or in patient-specific reports highlighting individual patient gaps in care.

Client data is extracted, standardized, and then run through a series of algorithms to deliver population health and decision support reports in dashboard views that are easy to navigate.

Current Clinical Content includes measures related to the following topics:

  • Diabetes Management and Screening
  • Chronic Kidney Disease Management and Screening
  • Preventive Services Cancer screening, immunizations, chronic condition screenings
  • Pulmonary Disease Management
  • Heart Disease Management
  • Hypertension Management

For more information on In4MedCare™, contact Daphne York daphne.york@dartnet.info

In4MedCare™ Population Management dashboard view