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As a DI Network, You Will:

  • Be part of a robust integrated collaborative of the premier primary care research networks in the U.S.
  • Engage in rapid bench to real world practice dissemination and implementation
  • Provide valuable data for community health planning
  • Experience seamless integration of disparate multi-source data into actionable information to support and optimize decision-making
  • Engage in multiple levels of bi-directional communication between and among clinicians, researchers, patients and other networks



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The 12 distinct research networks that make up DARTNet Institute offer access to approximately 12.5 million patient visits per year, 5 million patient lives, and approximately five billion data points. The partner organizations have access to our clinical tools to help improve their practice and their patient outcomes.

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The DARTNet Institute umbrellaCurrent DI Networks

AppNet – Appalachian Research Network – rural primary care PBRN affiliated with East Tennessee State University.

eNQUIRENet – Electronic National Quality Improvement and Research Network – the original DARTNet network, has primary care members throughout the U.S. eNQUIRENet is a part of the American Academy of Family Physicians National Research Network.

CoNNECT – Collaborative National Network Examining Comparative effectiveness Trials – focuses on primary care practices that have onsite and integrated mental health providers

CCPC Connecticut Center for Primary Care – focuses on primary care practices in Connecticut

FREENet – Free Clinic Research & Educational Engagement Network – a PBRN of Free Clinics (ambulatory care settings)

LA Neta community-based PBRN focused on health disparities reduction in Southern California

MAFPRN – Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians Research Network

NCNC - North Carolina Network Consortium - made up of seven primary care research networks in North Carolina that work collaboratively to improve patient outcomes through research on the delivery of high quality, safe, and cost-efficient primary care, and to support the dissemination of the resulting information to the healthcare workforce

SAFTINet – Scalable Architecture For Federated Therapeutic Inquiries Network – a network of safety net organizations such as community health centers

STARNet    South Texas Ambulatory Research Network – primary care PBRN located in South Texas

UNYNet – Upstate New York Practice Based Research Network – a network of family medicine, pediatric medicine, and internal medicine sites in western New York.

WPRN – WWAMI region Practice and Research Network – a network of primary care practices serving Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho


Become a DARTNet Network Today

DI Networks are among the most innovative and forward-thinking research networks around. The DI networks have access to our

to help improve their practice and their patient outcomes. In addition, all DI networks appoint one of their staff to represent their network on the DI research steering committee.

Requirements of DI Networks

Networks must include clinical healthcare organizations that have EHRs and that have the ability to pull data, either by themselves or by a third-party vendor.

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