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Improving Hypertension Management in Primary Care Practice with the AAFP METRIC Program

A mixed methods evaluation was conducted comparing practice and patient outcomes from physicians enrolled in one of three evaluation groups:

  1. AAFP's METRIC QI program,
  2. AAFP's Practice Enhancement Forum, and
  3. controls.

Physicians in METRIC and PEF intervention groups were instructed to complete QI programs according to respective requirements. Five DARTNet physicians served as controls.

Using data pulled from physicians' EHRs, the patient-level evaluation consisted of a review of 20 randomly selected patient records per physician (N=68) looking for guideline concordance for Diabetes Care for 6 items (dates of HbA1C, micro-albumin, cholesterol, and blood pressure measurements, and dates of flu vaccination and assessment of smoking status) during the 12 months prior to the intervention(s) and 6 months after the intervention(s).


Establishing a Foundation for QI in Practice: Using the AAFP's METRIC and PEF Programs.
Manning B, Lanigan A, Emsermann C, Galliher J, Pace W. 
Presentation at the Conference on Practice Improvement, Newport Beach, CA, December, 2011