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Video Tutorials: Using the Practice Performance Registry

Watch these videos to learn more about the DARTNet Institute Practice Performance Registry.


Introduction to DI and the Practice Performance Registry

DARTNet Introduction from DARTNet Institute on Vimeo.


Super User Training

A Super User is a user from your organization who will have administrative rights on the website to add and manage Practice Users within your organization for viewing the Practice Performance Reports. This is typically one person from your organization.

Once the Super User ID is securely linked to your data, a DARTNet project manager will contact the Super User and provide a link to DARTNet's Practice Performance Registry website, a super user password, and schedule your training session. We ask that the Super User gather the names of all users who should have access to view the performance reports and have them available when they watch the super user training videos.

Super Users provide education to others in their practice who wish to have access and view the Performance Reports.

Note: Super Users should let us know once they have completed this training so we can document their completion.

Super User Training Video from DARTNet Institute on Vimeo.

Direct link to DARTNet's Practice Performance Registry website



Practice User Training

The purpose of this video is to provide instructions for practice users on how to navigate the Practice Performance Registry. This video is intended for Super User and Practice Users in your organization.

Practice User Training Video from DARTNet Institute on Vimeo.