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DARTNet Institute Facilities and Administration Fees Policies

It is the policy of the DARTNet Institute (DI) to charge facilities and administration fees (F&A) for grants and contracts undertaken by the Institute. In cases other than where a set federal F&A rate has been established, the DARTNet Institute will accept the specific F&A rate publically established by a given not-for-profit funding agency for grant or contract activities as long as it meets or exceeds the currently established DI minimum rate. F&A rate for industry funded grants and contracts is 27.5%. The Federal rate is 50%. The minimum we accept is 27.5% without special dispensation.

The DARTNet Institute will distribute F&A fees to sub-contractors prorated to the direct costs included in the sub-contract. The DARTNet Institute will pay sub-contractors the facilities and administration percentage of direct costs as established by the specific funding agency for a particular grant, or for federal grants at the established federal rate for the sub-contractor. The DARTNet Institute will also collect facility and administration fees on the first $25,000 of a sub-contract for the life of a grant or contract. The sub-contractor may also request facilities and administration fees for the initial $25,000 of a sub-contract. If duplicate facilities and administration fees are not allowed for sub-contracts by a funding agency then the fees associated with the first $25,000 of direct costs will be equally paid to the sub-contractor and the DARTNet Institute. The DARTNet Institute does not pay facilities and administration fees for purchased services or consultation services.